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Hello and welcome! My name is ToeKneeTM. I call myself the MasterBot. I started out on the streaming service Twitch as a regular viewer until one of my early favorite streamers made me a channel moderator for their stream. This started the path to me becoming a chatbot "nerd" and then Twitch streamer. On my road to becoming a chatbot wrestling champion, I scoured the internet and assembled a library of chatbot commands for the 4 of the more popular chatbots: Nightbot, StreamElements, and both the Streamlabs Cloudbot and Streamlabs Chatbot. NEW I have recently added commands for DeepBot. My knowledge of these bots and the command library I assembled have earned me well over 50 channel moderator "swords". I decided it would be easier (and more efficient) to share the command/code library in an easy to use copy and paste format here on the web. Streaming about bots on Twitch as a direct outcropping of this website. This will be a constant work in progress. I encourage anyone with additional codes/commands to share using one of the "Share Your Commands" links on pretty much every page. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the site. Don't forget to check me out at Twitch.tv/ToeKneeTM every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 3 to 6 pm Eastern for chatbot setup, tip, tricks and live Questions and Answers for all your chatbot needs! Also, please see the Donate sections and pages to help me maintain this and other streamer and mod friendly stuff. Mucho love!

NEW TUTORIALS: I am adding tutorial videos to the pages regularly. You can also find all of my Tutorial Videos on my YouTube channel at ToeKneeTM's YouTube Channel. Please remember to subscribe while you're there. Thank you!

About the Commands

There are 4 types of commands for each of the 4 primary chatbots. Basic: (no real code needed, just an example of recommended commands and sample formatting). Extended Commands: These are still fairly simple commands but include some “coding” needed to return information like a subcount, etc. This could also include complex commands. Win/Loss/Kill Counters: this is a specific section for a fairly popular set of commands that require additional instructions. Dynamic Response Commands:These are commands you can use to return a different random response each time the command is used. This will include simple ones like the magic 8-ball AND near-unlimited response ones like jokes, facts or quotes using an external server in some cases. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using BOTH StreamElements and Streamlabs local Chatbot, the syntax for working with commands from chat are near identical. If you want to know more, come to my stream at Twitch.tv/ToeKneeTM every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 3 to 6 pm Eastern.

The actual command "code" or syntax here is, unless otherwise noted, intended to be copy and pasted right in your chat. If you are entering the commands from the dashboard area, simply begin your copy after the !addcommand !commandname part. I fully recommend adding any codes with Twitch generated tokens via the dashboard OR with your channel offline as your chat IS available on your VODs and can be copied. They call them "Private" tokens for a reason.

Most of these commands were assembled from the web, and credit will be given where possible. Some I have built myself or upgraded other’s code, and most of it is open source to the best of my knowledge. If you see a code you can identify as UNIQUELY yours, please Email Me

Share Your Commands

If you have a command or working code for a command that you’d like me to add, please Email Me. Please note that if the code is not yours, I appreciate that you include the original source. Also, any codes submitted are considered free to use by anyone, and I offer no compensation for your submission beyond credit for your code. You may also submit your streaming channel or other url which I will include in the Source/Credit field.

Why Donate?

While I love to share knowledge, server time and space does cost money. Donations will first go to maintaining this site and any server fees and/or domain fees associated with maintaining this site as well as any equipment costs along those lines (need a working PC to do this, and stuff breaks). Next, additional donations will go to supporting my Twitch livestream channel. Lasly, it may even buy me lunch once in a while. I do reserve the right to use any donated funds for whatever purpose I see fit. Donations are non-refundable. paypal.me/ToeKneeTM or Cashapp $ToeKneeTM Thank you!